Getting married is easily one of the most momentous occasions in your life – so why not plan it in a grand fashion? Eventures brings to you top-notch destination wedding management services, at a number of Indian as well as international locations. We organize marriage ceremonies at the following places :

Palaces :


Add a dash of glamour and grandeur to your wedding, by hosting the ceremony at any of the beautiful palaces at Udaipur. We will arrange for classy Rajasthani folk music to be played during the entire wedding. You can also opt to have a local touch in your wedding make-up and hairstyle. Lovely floral motifs would be used as interior décor, to enhance the charms of the palace. Lighting arrangements of the finest order are arranged by us as well. If you wish to have any special decoration motif at the Udaipur palace of your choice inform us in advance about the same. We would be only too happy to oblige!


Planning for some royal magic to grace your wedding ceremony? Host your marriage at Jaipur & let the charms of the Pink City fill up your senses, as well as that of the guests. Right from organizing exciting bachelor parties, to managing all the aspects of the main wedding you will find our services to be really comprehensive. The mehendi services we provide have a typical Rajasthani touch, while we also arrange for noted local musicians to perform at the marriage venue. Saree draping for the bride, in keeping with the local styles, is also done by us. The walls of the palace are also beautified by our imaginative interior designing concepts.


Make the picturesque forts and palaces of Jodhpur an integral part of your matrimonial union by planning your wedding at any one of them. We will take care of all the reception and hospitality requirements at your chosen venue. Traditional Sangeet ceremonies, with a dash of Rajasthani flavor in them, are organized by us. We make the bride look absolutely fetching, via our expert make-up and saree draping services. Professional DJs are on hand at the venue, to render your marriage even more magical, with rustic, melodious musical tunes. Wedding invitations, with ethnic decorations and motifs, are prepared by us as well. Our special wedding ushers are dressed in Rajasthani style too!


How about some ‘golden’ magic for your wedding? That’s right, we are talking about arranging your marriage at the lovely city of Jaisalmer. The royal aura and sheer design beauties at the palaces over here will bowl you over. We will also provide customized wall & table décor services to capture the spirit of this culturally-rich city in the best possible manner. Our wedding menus would also include several lip-smacking Rajasthani delicacies which would surely find favor amongst the guests. Wedding car decorations are done as per your tastes, while you will not miss the Rajasthani touch in your honeymoon suite either. Plan your wedding at Jaisalmer & make the occasion as savory as you ever wanted it to be!

Exotic Destinations :


With several beautiful tourist attractions, Bangkok serves as a fantastic destination wedding venue and honeymoon gateway. We customize our hospitality services, to greet your guests in an authentic Thai style. Our Thai bridal make-up and hairstyling can also enhance the sheer charm and glamour of the occasion manifold. Exquisite floral decorations are arranged by us, while we also provide customized wedding trousseaus. Delicious Thai food would feature prominently in our catering services. We also organize themed weddings in Bangkok too. Laughter and merriment quite beautifully blend with the traditions and culture of the city at the weddings planned by us. Our lively lighting plans would also capture your imagination.

Aamby Valley

Plan your wedding at Aamby Valley, in the charming hilly terrains of Pune, Maharashtra. Right from creating custom-designed invitations, to exquisitely decorating the wedding venue – we will take charge of all the requirements to make the marriage ceremony really memorable. You can choose from our extensive array of wedding decorations, themes and motifs, to make the hall(s) look absolutely captivating. We prepare floral decorations and bouquets as well. Mehendi designs, in both traditional Indian as well as exotic Arabian styles, are provided by our artists. Our refreshments and menu planning services are of the highest order, and we also arrange for exciting celebrity performances during the wedding. Won’t you love to make your marriage a delectable, musical affair?


Love Marathi weddings, with a touch of uniqueness? Choose Lavasa as your wedding destination – and impress everyone, including yourself. We provide end-to-end wedding management services at this quaint little city near Pune. We arrange for wedding cakes with personalized messages/decorations on them. You can also usher in a true Maharashtrian feel to the occasion, by going for appropriate interior decoration themes. Our professional saree drapers would ensure that the bride appears as ethereal as ever on her very special day, while our hair styling services have a Marathi touch in them too. We also organize excellent DJ services, with a choice of Hindi/Marathi/English songs on the playlist. Wish to plan a filling Marathi wedding dinner? We will take care of that too!

Beaches :


Wallow in the scenic seaside magic of Goa, by hosting a grand wedding ceremony over here. With Eventures by your side, you won’t have to worry about a thing regarding the venue decoration and menu planning services. The dress code of our receptionists, ushers, and general attendants has a typically Goan feel to it. During the wedding Sangeet, we also arrange for lively local music to be played in the background, so that you can dance away to your heart’s delight. At a Goan wedding, exotic seafood is an integral part of the wedding dinners, and we have professional chefs to whip up delicious cuisines. We also have make-up experts, who are adept at decking you up for the wedding, according to the traditions of this place. We also bring renowned dance troupes and choreographers, to add greater vibrancy to the marriage ceremony. Plan a summer wedding at Goa – and make the ceremony the talk of the town, for a long, long time!

Hua Hin

The charms of Hua Hin, a visually uplifting Thai beach resort, as a wedding destination simply can’t be ignored. Guess what…Eventures provides proficient event management services over here too! The splendor of the beach would impress you as much, as our lovely, imaginative wall decoration themes. We provide expert bridal make-up facilities too, including mehendi designing of your choice. Seafood, cooked in Thai style, is something you can look forward to in our wedding dinners for a ceremony held at Hua Hin. Captivating music is played by the wedding DJs, to underline the overall romantic feel of the ceremony. Beautiful bright lights – to make the event livelier – are arranged by our company too.


Enjoy stunning views of the lovely Krabi river during your wedding, by selecting this town as your preferred location for the marriage ceremony. We have the facilities and knowhow to choose just the ‘right’ venue for the festivities. Decking up the venue with traditional Thai decorations also come under our overall wedding management services. Our catering facilities include handing out appetizers to the guests, apart from, of course, planning a grand Thai dinner for one and all. Special stage areas are also set up, where professional music bands and Thai dance troupes can regale the audience. Exchanging precious marriage vows near the ethereal Krabi river – doesn’t it sound a really nice idea?


Make your marriage an exciting, lively affair – by planning it at the happening Thai city of Phuket. You will love the in-depth detailing that goes into our table decoration and interior designs – at the wedding venue you choose in this city. Our reception services have a touch of Thai customs about them, including handing out colorful flower bouquets to all the invitees. We also ensure the presence of some of the best dancers and other celebrities from Phuket at your wedding, to bolster the glamour factor of the occasion. A wide array of Thai-styled wedding gifts is supplied by us as well. You can even organize a fun-filled bachelor party at any of the local clubs, with our expert services. The idea of spending your honeymoon checking out the lovely attractions of Phuket is also a grand idea.


As far as exotic beach wedding destinations in Thailand are concerned, Pattaya would definitely feature among the finest. You will discover a seamless blend of discipline and liveliness in this popular city. Eventures would help you select the best wedding venue here, where you will get all the required facilities and amenities. The Sangeet ceremony we will organize would have a beautiful combination of Indian tradition, and sophisticated Thai styles. We take pride in being able to bring you Thai wedding concepts at Pattaya, which you will like at the very first go. Customized table décor and wedding themes are two other high points of our overall wedding management services. Exciting dance sessions and other arrangements for entertaining the guests are also organized by us. Oh…and you will love our typically Thai way of welcoming the guests too!

Koh Samui

Wish to host a wedding ceremony at a place that would have an eclectic mix of beach beauty, lovely coral reefs, and an abundance of tall trees? Koh Samui is probably just the location you are looking for! We ensure that you can plan your marriage ceremony over here, without any hitch whatsoever. We have customized plans to greet visitors with flower bouquets, decorate the walls and tables with traditional Thai motifs, and even arrange for enjoyable Thai music in the background. To capture the seaside spirit of Koh Samui, we also prepare customized wedding invitations. Right from wedding trousseaus for the groom – to sarees and make-up services for the bride, we make sure that a couple appears at their brightest best, on their very special day. The Thai delicacies we serve during the dinner are absolutely yummy too. Difficulties in arranging a wedding at a foreign destination – what is that?